Happy Birthday Breck!

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Saturday, May 23, 2009


We all love Brecken. The girl is cuter than cute and she adds so much fun to our family. She is as tough as any boy twice her age. And, I am NOT joking about that. The girl is TOUGH! She is also as sensitive and loving as a little girl should be. And ... she has the most amazing eyes and eyelashes! Every girls dream:)

Eliza: Brecky is sweet and kind. She's mine and Jane's best friend.

Jane: She's nice to me and...she makes me laugh so hard! Fun to play with.

Lucy: i love BRECKEN!!!

Uncle Matthew: Everything, she is wonderful. We are blessed to have our kids grow up next to their cousins and develop friendships that will last a lifetime.

Aunt Jenn: She is fun, totally adventurous, crazy, totally girly and at the same time totally tom-girl - A fantastic combination.

We ALL love Brecken!
Happy #5 Breck! You've been waiting for this one!

130 dB

The other day, I was sitting on the couch working on the computer when out of no where a sippy cup came flying at my head. I saw it too late. But what I what I heard was...

After I recovered from the throbbing pain on the side of my head, I turned to look at Lucy. My thought was to a) ask her for an apology b) explain that when we want things we need to use a nice voice, refrain from throwing things and ALWAYS use our manners (please and thank you's). But, as I turned to her she quite emphatically stated - Mom, I WANT milk! I gave her a look and without me saying anything she said i want milk? Then she proceeded to say mom, i want milk, please?

It made me laugh...Most kids will start at about 50 dB (the sound of normal conversation) asking mom, I want some milk please and then get louder each time they are not heard or are ignored. Not Lucy...she starts out at 130 dB (the sound of a jet engine at take-off) demanding only to get softer with each request, where she will end around 20-30 dB (the rustling of leave, a mosquito or a human whisper). But like always, we'll keep her. She keeps us laughing and on our toes...you never know when something is going to come flying at you out of no where.

Matt says we'll keep her because she is the first one to say Dadda when you ask "Who do you love more...momma or dadda?

Monday, April 20, 2009

My Life Would Suck Without You!

Okay, so I am not a big fan of the word SUCKS...but I absolutely love this song! And, babe this one's for you. You knew it was coming...so hear goes - Happy 9 years!!! We once had a couple we love dearly say they enjoyed hanging out with us because we made them feel "normal" about their own marriage. I don't know if we are normal, but I do know that I married a totally awesome young man who has grown into an amazing husband, eternal companion and friend.

We have our moments...there have been times when I've wondered why he chose me and vise-versa why I chose him...Would you believe that he has NEVER questioned why. Even when we are going through something difficult, his attitude is simply "and this too shall pass!"

I Love Matthew because....

1. He's steady, even keel
2. Good natured
3. Holds the priesthood with honor
4. He is the most AMAZING dad!!!
5. He is very calm
6. He's sincere
7. He is loyal
8. He is still adventurous...i.e. riding down STEEP (mountainous!) hills on a skateboard (good story)-yes once again...thank you chris (motorcycle incident was #1)! Having Nezzy pull him around the neighborhood on his skateboard swerving to miss the cars.
9. He makes me laugh
10. He likes ice cream - but like most things, it isn't the cheap 1/2 gallon kind, no Matt has always had expensive taste's even in ice cream.
11. He introduced me to UFC
12. He makes up the most fantastic song lyrics
13. Would not bail out of the ward "no talent" talent show even though he was sick from embarrassment for days afterwards
14. He can fix most anything although he has less patience than I do, so I often end up fixing things (oh, and then he ends up re-fixing things because his job is always done better!)
15. Has no problem just hanging at home with all us GIRLS! Matt and his girls.
16. Loves games (card games, board games, computer games)
17. Likes sports, but not addicted to sports! That means I actually get to watch what I want on TV and not ESPN or changing to ESPN on every commercial...do you know anyone like that?
18. Loves to try new things - seriously he's always up for something he's never tried or done.
19. Never met a food he didn't like...well almost never! He really didn't like Liver and onions.
20. Reminds me of things to do to make the girls feel special...it's important to him they feel each feel special.
21. Loves daddy daughter dates
22. Fine with three kids...probably would love four:)
23. He's always been family first!
24. He doesn't get emotional (okay sometimes this can get annoying too!)
25. He's a realist
26. He doesn't care if he comes home from a long day at work and I haven't even started dinner yet...he may even go in and throw something together himself...but watch out their pretty odd combinations if he's fixin' it!
27. Makes a mean bowl of oatmeal...the girls even prefer his over mine
28. His little Lucy actually prefers him over me...I go to pick her up sometimes and she pushes me away and says...."no, I want dadda!" This is a first for me, so I am still in shock over this one!
29. He loves me and only me! - well Eliza, Jane and Lucy too
30. Is totally fine with the unknown - doesn't worry about things until they happen
31. Would rather be a good dad and hubby than make millions, not that he'd mind a million dollars, and he does work hard, but his heart is at home
32. He is a hard worker. Really believes in putting in an honest days work for an honest days pay
33. Loves to tell me about whatever video game he is enjoying...even though he knows I couldn't care less...I do try to act like I care though...
34. Has some of the same friends since high school and college and they are still VERY important to him
35. Is a good son and brother; he truly loves his mom, dad, 2 sista's and bro-in-law tremendously
36. Self sacrificing...takes leftovers everyday...even if he really didn't like them will still eat them just to save money and not waste food. Drives and uncomfortable car because it gets 55 mph.
37. Listens to me complain but then trys to find all the positive things about the person or situation
38. Honestly feels horrible if he says something unkind about somebody
39. There is honestly only one person in this whole world he can't stand... yes Chris...you guessed it!
40. Loves learning. He drives about 50 miles to and from work each day and is constantly picking up a new audio book to listen to. And, he doesn't listen to the mind-numbing, all for fun books like me (All of Sophie Kinsella's books). He picks up anything from Fountain Head by Ayn Rand to Who killed the electric car to Gone with the wind. BTW, Gone with the Wind is now one of his very favorite books, the movie doesn't do it justice he says.
41. Is willing to change his opinion. You may not believe this about Matt, but he really does listen (some people think he's a bit stubborn). Then he will think on things - sometimes for quite a while and he often comes back with his mind changed.
42. Is 1 million times more patient and laid back then 10 years ago!!!
43. His favorite vacation is exactly the same as mine....beach, sun and sand!
44. He has conviction, principles, morals and values and integrity and he never doubts his testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And has no problem sharing it with those around him.
45. Takes the girls fairy hunting in the mountains, then takes the time to photoshop fairies into their photo's so they really believe in fairies.
46. Makes up great stories
47. Loves the outdoors, camping, hiking anything to do with nature!
48. Loves kids. He especially loves his nieces and nephews
49. Wants the best for me and supports me in my role as wife and mom.
50. Last, but not least - He always has my back! (but babe, I have yours too ;) it just may take a little more convincing like and elbow to the ribs!
51. And lastly, he is forgiving and tender. In tough times he has been a rock for me and for our friends always encouraging people to make the right choice...even when it was hard.

So, as Kelly Clarkson would say "My life would suck without you !!!"
You have to know how it all started to understand why I love this song so much and why it is perfect for Matthew and me. When we were first getting to know each other Matthew took me on a drive just to tell me that "he thought I was great...but he didn't want to date me." Which I thought was funny because I just thought he was a friend at that time. He'd only been home from his mission a few months and he had a "plan" for his life. College done...then marriage. Later he told me that he knew that if he started dating me, it would only lead to one thing...marriage and so he wanted to make sure that this didn't go anywhere because it was not part of the plan. Needless to say it was only about 2 nights later that he changed his mind and decided that he "did" want to date me.
And, it is not that I think we are dysfunctional, messed up or that either of us have "issues" but I think that we all have issues, are messed up, or dysfunctional in some way and that is part of the beauty of this life. We have however long we have here on earth to change, correct, and perfect those area's of our personality or life that are not functioning the way they should be. That's what Heavenly Father's plan is all about. He takes to imperfect beings, places them together for time and all eternity and allows them to to work together to create that truly eternal (perfect) relationship. It's not perfect in the beginning it has issues, it's sometimes dysfunctional and messed up, but it gets better and more perfect with time and work. "Forever united here somehow, you got a piece of me and honestly, my life would suck without you!" I love ya babe, and as you said tonight...9 down 45 to go (in this life) and I say 9 down and eternity to go!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Jane stole my camera last week. When the missing camera was returned this is what I found. Teressa...now you know why they have so much fun together. Jane and Elle are quite a pair!

You know you can't play dead unless your tongue is sticking out

Are words even necessary?


Thank you Vanna...what a beautiful shoe and foot. Is this what I win for solving the puzzle?

Spoiled rotten...no one ever forgets Lucy!

Clara and her Boo

ENJOY...but don't laugh too hard! I am tempted to use these for our Christmas card this year!




Poor Lucy. She hasn't felt good for two weeks now. Last week she had a BAD case of the flu. It lasted for 4 days. A little Zofran later, the vomiting had finally stopped. Pregnant mommies, cancer patients and sick children can all be thankful for such a great drug!

Well I thought little Lucy was on the mend, but her body had different plans. The flu lasted till Thursday and then on Saturday she woke with a bad cold. Well, it's only been down hill from there. She told me Tuesday her ear hurt. I thought I would give it 24 to 48 hours to see if it would resolve itself. She had only told me the one time, and didn't complain about it any more. Well this morning she woke up with a terrible cough and I decided I better go get her checked out. Good thing!

Little Lucy has 2 ear infections and pneumonia. Right now it is mild, so we are treating her with antibiotics and an inhailer every four hours to help her breathe better. Her pulse oximeter was a little low. Poor girl, I can't wait to see my baby feeling like this picture again! Although I will enjoy each moment she wants to snuggle with me in the mean time!!!

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